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Special Delivery System (38 Pieces)

$129 (Includes Free Shipping)

This adorable and functional 38- piece newborn kit was designed by a first-time mom to make the lives of new moms easier. Jam-packed with everything from a 20-piece layette (newborn size) made of the softest cotton, to toiletries made of organic ingredients from around the globe, to a baby thermometer, an organizer for the bombardment of important documents and paperwork you’ll receive at the hospital, and much, much more. You’ll have everything you need for the big day and following weeks – all in one spot.

Besides all the baby essentials, you’ll also get a variety of stylish and functional bags to choose from for your daily needs. The messenger bag that holds all the contents also doubles as a unique and stylish diaper bag and overnighter travel bag. The delivery tote bag is the perfect size for a day sized diaper bag or travel companion bag to the messenger diaper bag for longer trips. You can use the garment bag to store diapers or organize your baby’s clothes and you can just toss in some diapers and wipes in the goody bag for a short jaunt to the park. The bags’ exterior is simplified, the bags’ interior’s vibrant pattern corresponds thematically for the baby boy, girl, or yet to be known! Makes a great gift for any new mom!

38-Piece Set includes:

  • 2 bodysuits
  • 2 short sleeve t-shirts
  • 1 long sleeve t-shirt
  • Mittens
  • Booties
  • 2 rompers
  • 3 burp rags
  • 2 receiving blankets
  • 2 nightgowns
  • 2 wash cloths
  • Cap
  • Bib
  • Multifunctional nylon garment bag
  • Nylon tote bag
  • Nylon messenger diaper bag
  • Nylon goody bag
  • Changing pad
  • Dirty duds container
  • Digital thermometer
  • Baby nail clipper with emery board
  • 2 diapers (for emergencies)
  • Nasal aspirator
  • ¼ oz. natural herbal shea butter skin moisturizer
  • 1 oz. natural lavender hydrating mist
  • 1 oz. lavender baby lotion
  • 1 oz. milk sponge bath
  • 1 Baby record organizer & pen

Comes pre-packed as follows:

Messenger Bag: Nylon bag pre-packed with delivery tote, goody bag, garment bag, changing pad and dirty duds container.

  • Pockets galore for storage of cell phone, keys, wallet, bottles, pacifiers, and more.
  • Studs on the bottom for cleanliness.
  • Nikki Chris tag that has room to engrave your baby’s name.
  • Fits under airplane seat.

Delivery Tote: Nylon bag pre-packed with baby’s homecoming outfit and cap, receiving blanket, bib, burp cloth and mom’s organizer.

  • Zippers to keep all your gear together.
  • 4 outside pockets – keeps items at one-hand reach.
  • Matches the messenger bag – together it’s baby’s ultimate luggage set.
  • Studs on bottom to keep distance from the bag and germs

Goody Bag: Nylon bag pre-packed with skin care products for baby and mom, digital thermometer, baby nail clipper, nasal aspirator.

  • Nylon fabric wipes clean.

Garment Bag: Nylon bag pre-packed with 2 onesies, romper, 2 nightgowns, 3 shirts, 2 burp cloths, receiving blanket, 2 washcloths, booties, and mittens.

  • Nylon fabric of garment bag wipes clean.
  • Velcro compartments secure and organize items.

Bag Dimensions: Messenger Bag Size: W: 19" H: 10" D" 7
Delivery Tote Size: W: 15" H: 14" D: 4"
Garment Bag Size: W: 18" H: 8" D: 3"
Goody Bag Size: W: 9" H: 9" D: 2"

Colors: Neutral - Contains neutral colors (yellow & white) essentials
Pink - Contains pink & white essentials
Blue - Contains blue & white essentials

Individual Modules:

Delivery Tote Module (8 piece set)

The delivery tote contains everything you need to take baby home and an organizer and pen for important hospital paperwork. Includes nylon tote, romper, cap, bib, receiving blanket, burp rag, mom’s organizer and pen. Comes in pink, blue and neutral.
$58 and includes free shipping.

Garment Bag Module (16 piece set)

The garment bag contains all the clothes you need for baby when you get home. Includes nylon garment bag, 2 bodysuits, 2 short-sleeve t-shirts, 1 long sleeve t-shirt, receiving blanket, 2 burp rags, mittens, booties, 2 wash cloths, 2 nightgowns, romper. Comes in pink, blue and neutral.
$78 and includes free shipping.

Goody Bag Module (10 piece set)

The goody bag contains essential nursery care items and a fun spa kit. Includes nylon bag, digital thermometer, baby nail clipper with emery board, 2 emergency diapers, nasal aspirator, ¼ oz. natural herbal shea butter skin moisturizer, 1 oz. natural lavender hydrating mist, l oz. lavender baby lotion, 1 oz. milk sponge bath. Comes in pink, blue and neutral.
$38 and includes free shipping.

Bundle of Joy Spa Kit (5 piece set)

Made with organic ingredients from around the world, these custom-formulated lotions are the perfect treat for mom and baby alike. Includes plastic pouch, ¼ oz. herbal shea butter skin moisturizer, 1 oz. lavender hydrating mist, 1 oz. lavender baby lotion,1 oz. milk sponge bath.
$18 (plus $2.50 shipping)

"Just the bags"

Many new moms have discovered the Special Delivery System after their babies were born but wanted the mix and match set of bags. Use the Messenger Bag and Tote as diaper and/or travel bags. The Garment Bag is ideal for storing and organizing clothes on the go in the messenger bag and the Goody Bag is perfect for holding a couple of diapers and wipes. 6 piece set includes Messenger Bag with changing pad and dirty duds container, Garment Bag, Tote Bag and Goody Bag.
Comes in pink, blue or neutral